What is VALD?

VALD Performance is a new and innovative technological advancement to help improve objective human measurement in the healthcare systems. The different health systems that VALD has to offer are designed to help improve client outcomes and client efficiency by providing less room for error.

The two VALD systems we will be providing services for at Core are; ForceDeck Plates and the DynaMo. Both of these systems cater to all of our patient’s rehabilitation journey, including:

  • Initial musculoskeletal assessment
  • In-clinic treatment and exercise
  • At home exercise prescription
  • Reassessment and review

The best part about these systems is that they are recorded and analyzed in real time so your physical therapist will be able to communicate back to you all the live data visualization and reports!

DynaMo – Handheld Strength & Range of Motion

VALD - DynaMo (Horizontal)

DynaMo allows our staff to perform more than 200 strength and range of motion tests all from the palm of their hand. It is an innovative handheld dynamometer and inclinometer with a variety of different attachments to perform hundreds of strength and movement assessments.

The DynaMo can be used for any upper body, lower body, or even trunk strength and range of motion tests. By adding a different attachment to it, you can run: Push Test, Pull Test, Fixed Point Test, Lower Limb/Upper Limb Attachment, and Grip Strength. Every single test can be ran and analyzed in real time so your therapist can relay that information right back to you all within your appointment time!


ForceDecks – Dual Force Plate System


The force plates can help provide us with objective data on strength and imbalance for all of our patients. It allows us to monitor rehabilitation progress, injury risk, collect baseline data, and improve patient outcomes. There are 14+ common force plate tests such as: Countermovement Jump, Abalakov Jump, Single Leg Jump, Squat Jump, Drop Jump, Isometric Shoulder I-Y-T, Push Up, and much more!

ForceDecks help us enable unparalleled insights into neuromuscular performance, asymmetries, and movement strategies to better our patients rehabilitation journeys. We are able to run different tests on the force plates and still receive, interpret, and communicate the results in seconds!

VALD - Rylan SL Squat