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Marla M.

So you live your life pain free, no broken bones, no god awful sprains, nothing to prepare you for the pain that greets when you hit ‘senior’ status and have an accident. Not fun, not even a little bit. That injury tripped off osteoarthritis in my major moveable joints, knees and elbows. When I finally faced my denial and went to the doctor, I had good care though they did not automatically recommend physical therapy. Former RN, MSN that I am, it took awhile for me to suggest this treatment modality to them and they were all for it. Once I got the orders, off I went to Core Performance in Newport Beach. Three months ago, I entered this facility a defeated woman mourning my loses that included the kind of mobility that allowed me to be an active yoga practitioner until the injury changed all that. I could go on singing the praises of this center that offers an open shared space for all to rehabilitate in but a space is nothing without the professionals that help you do the ‘heavy lifting’ required of rehabbing your body. My physical therapist, Christie Warner, DPT, and her assistant Rylan, can’t be thanked enough. Being with them in sessions truly is the highlight of my week. Why? I’m getting better, through my hard work and their consistent direction and guidance, I am improving at every level. It’s been tough, for sure, but I know when I’m with them, I’m in the safest hands. As Rylan reminds me often when I’m trying something new and have a bit of fear, “I gotcha.” Christie, at the top of her profession, has taught me so much about how to make my body work better. If you have the bad fortune of needing P.T. and live in this area, run (okay, maybe you won’t run) so hobble over to Core Performance and let them help you out because, provided you are willing to help yourself, they will. Many thanks to my team, I am eternally grateful.

Hollie M.

This team is so good! I highly recommend. I went to the Irvine location and have worked with Kimi, Adam, Emily, And Dom primarily. Things I like: They know what they are doing. They are good humans. Kind and caring. They get to know you. They really listen to your progression so the know when you need to go to the next level. Great facility with a mix of TRX, reformer table, floor work.  Thanks to the entire group – including the admin staff.

Marylou G.

Amer is by far, the best therapist I ever worked with.  Core Physical Therapy helped me improve, recover from my neck surgery, and regain my upper body strength.  It is a pleasant environment and I do not feel rushed when I do my exercises.  This facility is highly recommended!

Lina A.

AMAZING! Core Performance takes great care of me. Adam, Kurt, and Nicole are the BEST. They listened to my concerns, worked up a plan, encouraged me and my progress has been quick. They are really knowledgeable in treatment and use the latest in equipment and techniques.  Adam is very intelligent and extremely professional. Upon seeing my shoulder and reading my report, he knew exactly what was wrong. I especially love his manual skills, which greatly reduced the tightness and relieved the pain.  The front desk is very friendly and professional too. I enjoy my time there!  The ONLY negative remark I have is that some of the PT aides lack the same understanding or passion and sort of go through the motions with you – don’t correct you, hand you equipment and leave.
It’s hit or miss with some of them.

Lynn D.

I had a complex tear of my knee ligament, which gave me a lot of pain for the past 5 years.  When I walked, my knee caved in and caused pain inside my kneecap, neck, and shoulders because I was off balance.  I gave Core Performance a specific goal.  That is to enable me to dance while wearing high heels for at least 2 hours because it is my social life.  I now can dance for many hours wearing my 5″ heels, and my knee stopped hurting.  I am physically stronger, sexier, and slimmer from all the hard-core exercises that they gave me.  They gave me back my life.  All the Core Performance staff are nice.  John Kwon is a hand-on owner who keeps all his clients happy.

Chasen B.

This is my second time using Core Performance PT for rehab after a surgery and they are awesome. All the staff is extremely courteous and make going to PT as enjoyable as possible. I primarily worked with Dr. Adam Javate as my physical therapist and he is INCREDIBLE. He truly has a passion to help all his patients recover as quickly and effectively as possible accompanied by the skill to do so. One of those “you were definitely meant to do this as your career” type of person. I worked with Dr. John Kwon as well who is also beyond competent and truly wants to help his patients as if they were his friends or family. There is a very friendly accommodating vibe at Core Performance that quickly provides patients an extremely comfortable environment during what might otherwise be an extremely uncomfortable time in their lives. I’ve seen more health care providers, physical therapists, etc… than I’d ever hoped for but I can strongly say that Core Performance PT is easily near the top of list in terms of overall benefit and experience. I  would recommend it to ANYONE in need of physical therapy.

Marie R.

I can’t say enough about Core Performance PT, with the professionalism and care taken by the physical therapists and their aides in helping patients like myself to recover full use of an injured joint.  Dr. Adam Javate was my physical therapist at the Irvine location but twice I worked with Dr. John Kwon who is equally as knowledgeable and helpful.   I started PT before surgery to repair a fractured shoulder with avulsion (displacement) and a partial rotator cuff tear and then, a few weeks after the surgery, returned for several months of progressively more intensive PT.  Thanks to the patience and skill of staff members at Core Performance, my recovery was quicker and more complete than expected by my surgeon.  The shoulder is a complicated joint that requires stretching, manipulation and strengthening in many different directions to regain full use, but this team understood the challenge well enough to guide me, progressing from passive to active, more and more challenging exercises, to maximize my rate of improvement.  (And yes, I did my homework!)  I am happy that I signed up for a facility that uses manipulation/mobilization, which made a tremendous difference in improving the range of motion in my shoulder.  I have heard patients from other PT facilities complain of pain or regression after being pushed too hard, too fast.  That never happened to me, as the staff listened and understood my tolerance level and what movements presented an extra challenge.  For example, with the shadow boxing exercise, they left it up to me to increase the weights whenever I felt ready.  In addition to Adam, I especially want to thank Emily, Lena, Chloe, Nicole and Rylan, the aides who most often coached me through my exercises, correcting my form as needed. I felt that Core Performance PT treated me as a whole person, not just an injured shoulder.  My exercises included core strengthening (who doesn’t need that??) and, when I complained of hip stiffness, they added exercises to target that area.  When I came in one day in the midst of a vertigo episode (BPPV), Dr. Javate and Kelly, one of the students, guided me through the repositioning Epley maneuver.  I also want to thank Dr. Martin Bui at the Newport Beach location who made time for my pre- and post-op evaluations (and welcome massages!), allowing me to begin focused physical therapy right away.  Great staff, including Rachel who manages the front desk in Irvine and another helpful student, Stephanie, plus well equipped facilities!  You are the best, Core Performance!

Mehrdad J.

What an awesome group at Core Performance PT.  Allie & Amanda always greeted with a smile. The PT was amazing. I had Rotator Cuff tear and by the help of Dr. Ryan (my main therapist), Dr. Martin and the rest of the team there, I am back to almost normal with full function of my shoulder.  CPPT is operated by great group of professionals who are there to help. Thanks to Ryan & the rest of CPPT for an awesome job.

Tiffany S.

I can’t say enough good things about Core Performance PT. I have a very stubborn hip issue and EVERYONE there is concerned about my healing process. It has been a long road to recovery and they have been with me and behind me every step of the way.  The first question is always “How are you feeling?” My program is constantly being adapted in relation to my progress.  These folks know their stuff. You definitely want to go here if you are in need of PT services.

Suzy B.

I had physical therapy at Core Performance ,in Newport Beach , for about 18 weeks due to a car accident. Matt Shihab was my physical therapist and I can’t recommend him enough! All the staff were friendly, professional and well qualified! With every visit, I experienced improvement in my ability to walk , normally again  , and without pain.  Going to Core Performance was a complete game changer!! Thank you Thank you! I highly recommend Matt Shihab and all the staff at Core Performance in Newport Beach.

Lauren W.

Struggling to overcome a difficult and painful injury, I embarked on my first physical therapy appointments with much trepidation and worry.  Would I heal properly and be back to my normal self?  How painful would the process be?  Would the therapists on staff be gentle and pleasant with my slow healing process?  All my worries were put aside after my first physical therapy appointment here.  Everyone from the aides to the receptionists were there to greet me with a smile and a helping hand.  I’ve never witnessed a workplace that is so harmonious for all people on staff.  My therapy has helped me get back to about 95% of my daily activities thus far and I still have a couple of weeks left.  I feel totally relaxed that they will help me get back to 100% and I always look forward to going to my appointments.  If you need physical therapy for anything I would definitely recommend this establishment.  They are all very knowledgeable and friendly.

Dale W.

Dr. Adam Javate (hope I spelled that correct) is not only a fantastic physical therapist, but is an awesome, encouraging human.  I had rotator cuff surgery and Adam and the fantastic staff at Core Performance had me back playing golf and swimming in under 4 months. I am so thankful for everyone’s professional, coordinated work with me. I am so happy to give this fantastic group my highest recommendation.  I have used Core Performance in Newport Beach and now Irvine, and have been exceptionally happy with the results and the amazing people at both locations.  Thanks everyone.

Daniel C.

I wanted to note the outstanding care I received by the Physical Therapy staff at Core Performance Physical Therapy over the past four months.  I recently completed 54 sessions of Physical Therapy to rehabilitate my right shoulder and rotator cuff, repaired by Dr. Russell S. Petrie, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon with the Newport Orthopedic Institute on January 2nd, 2018.  While greatly improved, the effort continues at home.  Specifically, I want to thank my primary therapist, Dr. Evan Jeffries, he was outstanding!  Also, his replacement, Dr. Christie Warner, who filled in when he was off on paternity leave, also exceptional!  In addition to the therapists, all of the staff were attentive to my exercises and would fill in when my primary assistant was occupied.  A smooth operation and all so friendly and likable.  Hoping I did not miss anyone, but Lena Parker, Eric Lai, Amanda Payne, Michael Davis and Rylan Ensley in particular, were great!

Jackie S.

I worked with Amer and had an incredible experience. I came in with a very limited ability to use my arm after dislocating and fracturing it. 10 weeks later my arm is back at 100% and I can surf again! I felt very cared for, attended to and comfortable doing my physical therapy at core performance with Amer. He was extremely friendly, caring and informative. I also enjoyed working with Chloe, the PT aide. She really helped guide me and encourage me. I’m extremely grateful that I got to work with the people that I did here and all that they have done for me. I can’t say enough good things about my experience here!

Robert M.

Wonderful experience!  I would not have guessed that recovering from an injury could be enjoyable.  Everyone at Core Performance work well together, they are professional and upbeat!

Di B.

I broke my elbow 10 months ago and underwent major surgery including a new implant. I thought I’d NEVER get full use of my elbow again. I started working with the Core Team shortly after surgery and I’m ecstatic to say I have 100% FULL mobility and use of my elbow again. Initially, my surgeon thought it would take more than a year to rehab and that I may not ever get back to 100%. He was always floored to see my progress.  I told him it was the team at Core Performance. They are amazing! John Kwon is caring, talented and very concerned with getting you to feel healthy and whole again. My lead PT was Matthew – and I couldn’t love him more! He was caring, dedicated and creative with ways to get the mobility back in my elbow.  ALL of the PT aides were genius! Checking my form, teaching me the exercises and making things easy, fun and down to earth.  If you’re consistent and focused in terms of your goals – these guys will get you there.  10 months is a long time to go through the pain and effort of healing. Today (my last day) was bittersweet. I have enjoyed their company, their talent and all the care I received in my rehab process. I will miss my PT family!

Christopher R.

My latest injury to both rotator cuffs came just as I was recovering from gluteus tears. It has been a long recovery, however, again I am seeing appreciable, significant gains in strength and flexibility. Core Performance is the best PT facility I’ve attended. I’ve had six surgeries and countless other injuries, attended PT clinics in numerous other states and wish I’d learned of Core Performance much sooner. All of the therapists are top notch, however, I’ve been working with Matthew Shihab mostly and he has done great work for all aspects of my current injury. He is always showing me new exercises, stretches pertaining to my shoulders and also keeping my previous injuries in mind. The results have been excellent. He’s always keeping an eye on all his patients for form and exercises, etc. additionally, much like everyone at CP is always helping buoy my spirits, which were pretty awful when I could barely open my refrigerator. Too many names to mention, Dr. Ryan has also been excellent. The individual therapists working the floor, Ryland, Eric, Lena, always helping me keep good form and not waste time. I’ve also benefited marvelously from therapeutic massages from Kristina. The front desk, Ally, Amanda, Melissa, are also always friendly and helpful balancing my schedule. I’ve also noticed how they always give new patients a friendly, thorough walk through of benefits, insurance, etc. I would prefer to stop injuring myself, but, am very happy this place is here to help me. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Gianna J.

Wow where do I even begin? I’ve never been to a facility where the ENTIRE staff was absolutely welcoming and catered to my needs. I was going through a rough knee injury and Adam really helped me through this difficult time. Adam is the best of the best! I would recommend everyone to go to CORE! Big thanks to Adam and the staff for improving my quality of life through physical therapy. Best care I’ve ever received!

John M.

Visited Core Performance for some help with posture. Dr. Ryan and his team have been amazing, providing some measurable relief, strength training, and exercises I can implement at home. I feel amazing and count this as one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health in a long time. Five Stars!

Lena P.

So glad to have found Core Performance Physical Therapy.  The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful.  My daughter worked with Dr. Adam Javate.  I brought my daughter in with a knee injury – slight MCL tear.  Adam was excellent in helping my daughter regain her strength and teaching her proper movement to avoid future injury.  She injured her knee in rehearsal for studio dance competition and she also dances competitively for her high school.  So not dancing for over two months, missing 2 studio competitions and 2 school competitions for a teen that dances over 20 hours a week was a big blow.  I initially chose Core because they have Pilates equipment and a Pilates instructor with a dance background.  Now that my daughter’s knee is ready we are looking forward to taking on Pilates here as well.

John K.

Outstanding organization. Ryan Martineau is not only a terrific Doctor of Physical Therapy, but he is also a great communicator to his staff to insure each individual’s issues are resolved 110%! If an issue lingers, Ryan explores other PT options until success is achieved. First class people. None better.

Brad C.

Love this place! I play beach volleyball and my knees weren’t doing well. My right knee would buckle and hurt when stepping into a sand pit. I couldn’t even start off into a jog. Leg extension would trigger buckle and hurt. The rear/outer part of my left knee would be sore. Long story short, the awesome staff here worked my IT band, glutes, core, quads, hams, calves. It was like having multiple personal trainers, along with hypervolt vibration plus manual hand massage, and active release type therapy. I continued these stretching/strengthening exercises daily (resistance bands, foam roller, kettle bell squats, etc.) and now I’ve chucked my knee braces and back to playing 3-on-3 beach, plus even some doubles!  The facility is more modern than I’ve experienced at other PT offices. it felt more like a massage/gym than a clinic. And, they created a useful CoreEx mobile app with easy-to-search exercise videos. My previous “clinics” provided paper sheets with hard to read steps. I’d just rather watch a video than read obscure body-tweaking instructions.  The entire staff is knowledgeable, skilled, helpful, and… fun. We even did “plank parties” to competitively push a group of us to go longer. The names I can recall (apologies to those I forgot): Adam, Kelli, Kimi, Chloe, Dominic, Nikki, Lena, Emily.  I don’t hope to require PT again, but if I do, I know there’s a place that will fix me back up in a jif.

Sean K.

Everyone at Core Performance PT has the most positive and up-lifting energy from the moment you walk in till your ready to passout at the end of your physical therapy session.  This energy is what kept me going when I wanted to give up.  The entire staff kept a smile on and continuously flooded me with words of encouragement.  I was barely able to walk on my first day and I am now leaving the clinic in my running shoes ready to go for a run and be myself again!  I want to thank everyone for keeping my goals in line and ensuring that I achieved beyond them.

Lina A.

AMAZING! Core Performance takes great care of me. Adam, Kurt, and Nicole are the BEST. They listened to my concerns, worked up a plan, encouraged me and my progress has been quick. They are really knowledgeable in treatment and use the latest in equipment and techniques. Adam is very intelligent and extremely professional. Upon seeing my shoulder and reading my report, he knew exactly what was wrong. I especially love his manual skills, which greatly reduced the tightness and relieved the pain. The front desk is very friendly and professional too. I enjoy my time there! The ONLY negative remark I have is that some of the PT aides lack the same understanding or passion and sort of go through the motions with you – don’t correct you, hand you equipment and leave. It’s hit or miss with some of them.


Highly recommend this clinic for physical therapy! I have been going here on and off for the last 3 years, I have been seen a few different times for different injuries including, wrist fracture, scoliosis, fractured scapula and broken ribs. Over the course that I have been a patient I have jumped around seeing the majority of the therapists all of which I found very knowledge and genuinely invested in my rehab. All the therapists have a little something different to offer you as far as soft tissue techniques and creative exercises. The aides were also very knowledgeable in anatomy and exercise form as well as interested in learning about my injuries. Everyone here including the front desk staff created a very positive atmosphere for my recovery.

Gianna S.

Great facility and great staff. I had great one on one time with my physical therapist Adam. He was very attentive and compassionate. Thank you Core Performance PT for helping me with my knee injury.

Lizett R.

Core performance PT is a great place to go if you need therapy. I have been going there for several different reasons; for my knee twice, my hips and my shoulder. Martin and Adam are the primary therapists who work on me and every time I leave the clinic, I leave with less pain. They are helping me get stronger, and as much as I love going there, they are trying to make it so that I don’t have to come back. My knee is as good as it could ever be after my injury, my shoulder is a lot stronger then it was before. They are kind and friendly.

David M.

I’ve had chronic low back pain for 10 plus years and had extensive physical therapy and treatment. I was able to manage my pain but it became a nagging problem that never resolved. I was referred to Dr. Kwon for some Pilates core strengthening and some manual therapy by my orthopedist. Together, this treatment approach was able to get my back stronger than ever while releasing the tension and tightness I’ve been battling for years! My pain is now completely under control and I’m able to get back to playing golf again!

Kristin H.

My physical therapy for my frozen shoulder went from March 7 – June 19.  John and Adam were wonderful at getting my shoulder moving and strong again. They also helped me stay motivated on doing my exercises at home. The team work among John, Adam, Kristina (athletic therapist) and all the techs (Nikki, Emily and Rylan) was so awesome!! Rachel was always on top of all my appointments and always very friendly every time I walked into the office!! I definitely recommend Core Performance in Irvine!!

Sharon G.

Dr. John Kwon, DPT was referred to me to assess and treat my neck pain.  John conducted a complete evaluation of my neck movement, body alignment and basic mechanics.  He designed a customized program to stabilize, strengthen, and provide more flexibility in my neck.  I was very impressed at how everyone worked as a team to continue my plan.  Once I completed the physical therapy program for my neck, I worked with Alex Riegle to strengthen my core muscles associated with golf in the Core Golf Performance program.  The actual space at Core Performance is beautiful with state of the art equipment.  My neck pain is much less and my golf game has improved thanks to John and his team.

Jean C.

It’s a great facility. I have always been treated with respect and with great results. Therapy couldn’t be better. All of the staff is thoughtful and encouraging. My first experience was 2 years ago and Adam Javate was my therapist for a hip replacement. The reason I went back to them recently is because of the successful treatment I recieved. This time I was having Bursitis and Martin Bul was my PT. I am very happy with my treatment. I now have the tools to keep my body healthy and I can get back to enjoying life. Thank you to everyone who helped me recently: Martin, Skye (she helped me with my vertigo), Amanda, Paulo, Kurt, Ryan, Chloe, and Tish and Victoria .

Mike and Melissa L.

Dr. Kwon helped me recover from my knee surgery quickly and safely. I was really impressed with his knowledge of the condition and skillful intervention of corrective exercises to get me back on my feet again. I have continued to work with Dr. Kwon over the past year and have noticed tremendous improvements in my core strength, flexibility, and physical pain. I am working out regularly under his guidance and am reaping the benefits of my newfound strength and conditioning.

Sammy Cole, Division1 College Golfer at South Utah State

Dr. Kwon, thank you for helping me improve my strength and flexibility. My drives are longer than ever and I’m hitting more greens in regulation. You’re the best in the business!

Jeanine S.

I came to see Dr. Kwon for my knee issue that surfaced while training for a marathon. My knee was not able to tolerate the impact of running 20 plus miles a week. He assessed me and noticed that my knee pain was attributed to muscle imbalances that existed around my hips and ankle. He implemented some manual therapy and corrective exercises to address my imbalances. I was able to continue my running regimen and complete the Huntington Beach marathon. Thanks Dr. Kwon!

Jerry B. S.

I was an avid runner and jogger for 30 years. After I learned that the last four discs in my vertebrae were gone, I began being treated by Dr. Kwon. My Orthopedic Doctor said that it is basically “bone on bone”. I am an attorney and have been the founder or partner in several medical companies in the U.S., including Cardiac Treatment Centers, Inc., which pioneered and opened Cardiac Rehabilitation throughout the country. When I started with Dr. Kwon, my pain was quite severe, and I needed anti-inflammatory injections and medication to control the inflammation and irritation in my lower back. Dr. Kwon treated my back, and importantly, taught me procedures and exercise regimens that I could do at home to assist. He was understanding and patient, and even drew pictures for me to follow, making sure I did things correctly at home. I now have much less pain, some days pain free, and am able to resume my life knowing I have a dedicated and professional partner to assist me when needed. I have referred many of my friends and associates to Dr. Kwon and will continue to do so.

Laura G.

These guys are the absolute best. Please come here if you have back pain. This is the only PT place that’s ever given me lasting relief. The pilates reformer machine is the key to getting your back feeling good. These guys know what they’re doing. This is not your average run of the mill PT office. They are the best, and were recommended to me originally by a renowned orthopedic surgeon. I’ve been to their Newport and Irvine locations and they’re both great. I drive out of my way to come here because their approach works.

Mark V.

Dr. Kwon is a physical therapist that I highly recommend to anyone dealing with shoulder pain. His knowledge of rotator cuff injuries and the intricacies of managing a torn rotator cuff tendon is pretty amazing. My orthopedist told me that my MRI revealed 3 partial tears of my rotator cuff. He recommended that surgery was inevitable. He sent me to Dr. Kwon for pre-surgery strengthening of my cuff musculature. I underwent six weeks of therapy, three times a week for strengthening, muscle re-education, and pain management. To my doctor’s surprise and mine, my pain became completely resolved and I was able to get back to playing golf four times a week without any limitations. I’m stronger than ever and I feel so fortunate to have avoided surgery!